Frequently Asked Questions

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Currently, there are 10 patches per box.

Wellnee Pain Relief patches help to naturally reduce inflammation and relieve various types of knee, neck or back pain. They are specifically designed for the knee curve for maximum absorption into the knee so you can feel relief quickly. The patches are filled with fast-acting natural ingredients, such as wormwood, ginger and capsaicine and might provide a warm/hot sensation and are well known for pain-relieving effects.

Please follow these instructions:

1. Copy either your: order number, tracking number or email address used for purchase.

2. Open the tracking page: 

3. Paste any of the information mentioned above into the designated field on the page and press “Track order”.

4. You can now track your order status.

Wormwood, Borneol, Ginger, Cinnamon, Capsaicine, Saffron, Radix Aconiti, Camphor, Menthol.

We are committed to quality service and products, but if the Goods you received were damaged, we would offer you a partial or full refund depending on the issue. In such cases, please contact our customer support at [email protected] within 14 days of receiving the product and provide detailed information regarding the issue. Please be ready to provide some form of visual proof.

Goods that you wish to return must be in the original packaging and unopened, in a condition fit for resale. If the Goods to be returned do not meet these conditions, we will be unable to offer a refund. Please note that 4.95 USD/item return shipping costs will be deducted from the total amount of the refund.

Please note, that some deliveries are taking longer due to the impacts of COVID-19, including international delays, less domestic flights and high volumes of products being bought online, therefore if the order has not been delivered within 20days of the day of making a purchase, the client can apply for a full refund.